Mercer Vine Presents is pleased to announce the second film in their acclaimed architecture film series.

Mercer Vine’s Creative Director, Emmanuelle Pickett, Directs Second Architecture Film

The latest film for 627 N. Palm Drive takes a meditative approach to offer an intimate portrait of this stunning property. 

We sat down with the film’s director Emmanuelle Pickett, who is also Mercer Vine’s Creative Director, to find out more about the film.

MV: What is it about 627 N. Palm that inspired a film?

EP: I always start the creative process by discovering the feeling of the home. Palm has this magical, warm, familiarity with unexpected modern flourishes. I knew that I wanted to capture the property’s intimacy. To do this, I kept the camera fairly distant from Diana so that we were peeking in on slices of familiar life on a typical Sunday morning. The intimacy of the Diana’s interaction with the home is also underscored by the delicate & dreamy instrumental in Andrew Bird’s “Ethio Invention No. 1.” I loved the idea of featuring a single woman as the owner. I spend a lot of time with our female agents talking about the general bias that the industry can have by assuming that buyers are always going to be men. The numbers simply don't reflect this. Women actually prefer high end residential real estate as an investment over men. According to CNN reports, “Wealthy women held 16% of their net worth in real estate versus less than 10% for wealthy men.” I love seeing a woman living alone in the house she designed, while being creative and fabulously relaxed.

MV: Can you explain your unique use of Diana Irvine?

EP: Diana and I have been friends and creative collaborators for a long time. We both share a love for craftsmanship and design. I remember visiting her house for the first time and being inspired by her design choices and the fact that she built her dining table herself. Diana brings that intellectual and creative curiosity to her acting and the way she carries herself. I wanted her to feel confident and comfortable in the space and to evoke the warm nuances of the modern design. We both played it as if she was the architect living in her dream home.

MV: What do you think sets 627 N. Palm apart from other homes?

EP: Palm is sophisticated and warm. It’s the type of property that nurtures the well-being of its owners. The use of space, materials, and details are all authentic and emotive. The landscaping and olive trees create the ideal sense of privacy, while the wood paneled floors and ceilings bring in this luxurious earthy, warm energy. 

MV: How would you compare this film to your film for 1420 Laurel?

EP: I approached both films by starting with a feeling. Laurel, with it’s spectacular downtown-to-ocean views inspired a sense of awe and this immense feeling of gratitude. Bringing in the talents of Jacob Jonas and his dance company was a way to evoke that appreciation for nature.

Palm is more of a portrait. I wanted to glimpse the interior life of the property. It has similar moments of gratitude but in a more intimate and personal way.

See 627 N. Palm in Person

The property is currently priced at $15,995,000. For more information and inquiries, please contact Adam Rosenfield, Justin Mandile, or  Kyle Giese. Adam may be contacted at (310) 595-5915 or at Justin may be contacted at (323) 446-3224 or at Kyle may be contacted at (310) 975-5838 or at

Film Credits

Directed & Edited by Emmanuelle Pickett

Cinematography by Corey Waters

1st Assistant Camera by Michelle Kwong

Featuring Diana Irvine

Behind The Scenes Photos


Behind the Scenes Taken in 35mm Film

Photographer and frequent Mercer Vine collaborator, Alfred Yson was on set with his 35mm camera taking behind the scenes photos on film. He also is the proud owner of Goldie Oldie the 1972 gold Mercedes-Benz 250 Coupe featured in the film.