Mercer Vine is pleased to announce our collaboration with the acclaimed choreographer Jacob Jonas and dancers Jeremy Julian Grandberry and Jill Wilson in our new film for 1420 Laurel Way, a luxury home currently for sale in Los Angeles.

Where Dance and Architecture Intersect

The connection between dance and architecture is long and fascinating. Although both disciplines utilize space, form, and movement, they diverge in their relationship with time. Dance moves quickly in time and is over in an instant. Architecture, on the other hand, can be thought of a dance exploring form that moves slowly, and is almost frozen in time. It is because of this subtle intersection between dance and architecture that Mercer Vine sought out a collaboration with the renowned Jacob Jonas The Company.

Mercer Vine’s Collaboration with the Jacob Jonas The Company

Since Jacob Jonas The Company seeks out architecturally diverse settings for their creative projects, Mercer Vine’s decision to work with the group was a mutually exciting opportunity. The film’s director Emmy Pickett, and also Mercer Vine’s Creative Director, discusses the collaboration with Jonas’s company:

“Our collaboration with Jonas and his incredible dancers allows us to explore the intersection of dance and architecture. It makes the viewers feel like they are actually there for a moment, on that balcony overlooking the whole city. Instead of just seeing images of a house, hopefully this film can show them a potential new beginning.”

Jonas too understands the power of collaboration and what it means to align his company with other brands that share his artistic vision:

“At Jacob Jonas The Company, we are fascinated by the intersection between dance and architecture. Also being based in Los Angeles, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with local companies making an impact. We felt that a partnership with Mercer Vine would not only align with what we are doing visually but we both have a common mission to foster collaborative relationships and value our audiences all while making strong work.”

At Mercer Vine, our team shares Jonas’s passion for branding by collaborating with the innovative local and international designers and artists. “My goal with the creative branding for Mercer Vine is to always point to something else, something more transcendent,” says Pickett.

The Film

The film examines the relationship between dance and architecture as different dialects of the same language. Just as the dance is a sped-up interpretation of the home, the home exists as a drawn-out translation of the dance. The film opens with a single dancer in the living room being bathed in the space’s natural light. His movements are relaxed and open – similar to the room that surrounds him. White oak floors seamlessly lead from the living room, to the master-suite patio and sundeck overlooking the entire city, and finally to the terrace and infinity-edge pool. The dancer drops to the floor and, in true breaking fashion, kicks his legs around his body -- a clear homage to the modern clock painting hanging in the room. The section ends with the dancer serenely walking up the home’s floating staircase.

Shots of the bedroom gaze out to the surrounding landscape and horizon. Another dancer stands on the master-suite deck looking out onto the scenery. Her beating, arched arms resemble a bird’s wings as it prepares to take flight over the property’s views of the city. A slow shot of the dancer bowing her head is a hint of yogic gratitude and admiration to the property’s vistas. The dancer looks out again and sees the first dancer standing on the master-suite sundeck. Suddenly they are together moving swiftly in unison as their joints bend and weave together to reflect the angular design of the home’s exterior. The dancers end their choreography together by walking into the home. Their calm final walks make them appear as if the vigorous dance never happened – a poignant comment on the contrasting ephemerality between dance and architecture.


Let Mercer Vine Help You Find Your Modern Masterpiece

1420 Laurel Way is currently listed at $13,995,000. Any inquires for the home should be directed to Adam Rosenfeld or Kyle Giese. Adam can be reached at or (310) 595-5915. Kyle can be reached at or (310) 975-5838.