As Mercer Vine’s Senior Marketing Director, Ani Stepanian shares her insights into leading a creative team that is not only successful but also innovative.

Successful Marketing Starts with a Bias to Innovate

In her article titled “Bias To Innovate: Four Steps to Becoming An Industry Leader,” Ani discusses how marketing executives should never compromise when it comes to improving and growing their brand.

Building on her previous article, Ani cites how identifying areas for improvements, researching competition, and effectively implementing solutions can make or break a company’s image. Above all, Ani stresses the importance of pushing beyond convention and thinking of ways to improve the status-quo. Identifying limitations in your industry and finding technological solutions are vital to staying ahead of the competition, she explains.

To demonstrate Mercer Vine’s own bias towards innovation, Ani discusses how the company’s new Virtual Reality room is redefining the real estate experience.

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