Midway upon the search for the perfect scent, we all eventually find ourselves in a forest of impersonal, mass-produced, celebrity fragrances. Enter Le Labo --a parfumerie that shuns the factory-line approach to fragrance in favor of an artisanal, hand-crafted one. Known for their customized fragrances, Le Labo is one of the few perfume companies in the world where customers can create their own personalized scents with locally sourced ingredients and materials. The independent parfumerie is also famous for its ready-mixed fragrances “Santal 33” and “Thé Noir.”

Le Labo’s Manifesto

It’s clear when walking into Le Labo that the company’s approach to perfumery is atypical. Perhaps the most poignant part of their manifesto, Le Labo is clear in its championing of craftsmanship and artistry above all else: “We believe the soul of a fragrance comes from the intention with which it is created and the attention with which it is prepared.” Each store's sumptuous wooden floors and paneling mixed with its carefully crafted displays create a warm minimalist design throughout the space. In addition to fine fragrances, Le Labo is also a purveyor of home fragrances and other perfumed “oddities” like scented notebooks and detergents.



The Ubiquity of Santal 33 and Le Labo’s Other Fine Fragrances

Santal 33 is easily Le Labo’s most popular scent as it mixes Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, violet, ambrox and leather accord. Le Labo describes the musky, unisex scent as “[a] defining image of the American West with all it implied about masculinity and personal freedom.” The New York Times hails Santal 33 as a “sort of cult secret” that is only identifiable by those in the know. In addition to a fine fragrance, the Santal 33 scent is also available in room sprays, candles, and diffusers.

Other popular pre-mixed fragrances from Le Labo include Bergamote 22, Iris 39, Jasmine 17, Oud 27, Ylang 49, Thé Noir, and more. The brand also creates “City Exclusive” scents a few times a year. To promote global awareness, these limited-edition fragrances are sold exclusively in one city around the world.

The fragrances can also be personalized to show the date mixed and the recipient, making the scent ideal for last minute gift ideas. Le Labo’s solid fragrances can also be engraved and personalized for those who need to bring their favorite scents on-the-go.

Le Labo’s Home Creations and “Oddities”

Aside from its popular fragrances, Le Labo has an extensive line of home creations. Although some scents are only available as candles like Palo Santo 14, other scents like Santal 36 come other forms such as home fragrance sprays and diffusers. Le Labo’s unusual concrete candles and home diffusers will add an industrial yet chic addition to any space. The company’s candles are also ideal as gifts since their labels can be personalized.

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