Mercer Vine is pleased to announce its newest listing, 7820 Electra Drive. As one of Mercer Vine’s most exclusive listings, the home is a modern architectural masterpiece. Through its combination of exquisite design, materials, and views, the property stands alone as one of the most stunning homes in the area.

The Luxury Home’s Exterior Features

Upon entering 7820 Electra Drive, visitors are instantly taken aback by the expansive vistas surrounding the property. Built in 1979, the modern style home sits on 5,240 square feet overlooking the Hollywood Hills. The exterior of the home is chic and elegant. Richly stained panels of wood create a façade that blends into the hillside’s verdant surrounding trees. The home’s views are a combination of the bustle of Los Angeles and the placidity of the Hollywood Hills.

The views include vistas of the canyon, city, coastline, and park. During the evening, the city’s lights glitter against the hills’ violet sky to create an otherworldly nightscape. The exterior stained wood paneling is continued on the home’s backyard deck, complete with private swimming pool. The turquoise glow of the water throws light onto the patio which accentuates the deep, warm hues of the wooden paneling. The capacious patio area is perfect for sunbathing and socializing as it overlooks the surrounding woodland and the Pacific coast.

Beautiful, Natural Light Interior

Inside the property, each room is bathed in clear, natural light. Since windows and glass doors feature prominently in nearly every room, visitors can appreciate Los Angeles views from almost any room of the house. The home’s interior is comprised of gorgeous flooring, elegant marbling, and fine paneling. Automatic Fleetwood doors give the home a futuristic touch, as they smoothly connect the various rooms of the home. The kitchen, which features built-in appliances and an island, feeds directly into the dining room – perfect for those who love to visually entertain dinner guests with their culinary talents.

The home’s living room is open and airy. Like many other rooms, the living room features a floor to ceiling glass door that gazes out into the city. The home also has five full bathrooms and one partial bathroom. The full bathrooms include marbled interiors, expansive countertops, spacious walk-in showers, and luxurious baths. The home’s five bedrooms have floor to ceiling glass doors that lead onto a long connecting balcony overlooking the city and its hills. The bedrooms lead into spacious, walk-in closets with wood paneled interiors.

Hollywood Hills Neighborhood & Lifestyle

The property’s hilly landscape provides a natural barrier which ensures lots of privacy. Although there are many trees surrounding the area, the property receives the ideal balance between shade and sunlight. The neighborhood is primarily residential, with a calm, undisturbed character. The residence is also close to several schools such as Valley View Elementary, Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School, Wonderland Avenue Elementary School, and Immaculate Heart High School, and even the University of California Los Angeles. The home’s location also means that it is minutes away from the Sunset Strip – one of the most popular entertainment and shopping destinations in Los Angeles.

Let us Help you Buy a Home in Los Angeles

The property is currently priced at $4,900,000. For more information and inquiries, please contact Lisa Optican at 310.351.6646 or at