At Mercer Vine, we pay attention to detail. From calling out the special attributes of each home we represent to supporting the industry's best and brightest agents, we're proud of our sharp eye for design and detail. 

We were thrilled when Fit Small Business noticed our business cards and chose them to top their list of real estate business cards. While a physical business card might not be the only way to make a first impression anymore, we know that it's an important extension of our brand and a way to show our polish and point of view. 

"These drop dead gorgeous letterpress real estate business cards with gold embossment and edges were made in-house by luxury Los Angeles real estate firm Mercer Vine. What I love most about these cards is that they're opulent and luxurious while still being understated and tasteful. That's a very fine line and one that many luxury firms butcher with their branding efforts. Even more amazingly, these were designed in-house by someone with some pretty serious design chops. These are way too nice for my office junk drawer" 

Mercer Vine's marketing team is comprised of artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, digital marketer, writers and editors. Being creative is an important part of Mercer Vine culture and having a top marketing team is one of the key ways we support our agents and give them the best resources.