Through Mercer Vine’s collaboration with Plus Development we have curated some of most iconic homes with the highest principles of architectural design, landscaping, and interior detailing. Plus Development’s discriminating eye for details and uncompromising standards for materials and craftsmanship have established the company as a leader in the industry, as well as an ideal collaborator for Mercer Vine.

Mercer Vine and Plus Design Studio Latest Collaboration: 270 N. Carolwood Drive

Front courtyard at 270 N. Carolwood Drive

In our latest collaboration at 270 N. Carolwood Drive, we sat down with the co-founder of Plus Development, Tyrone McKillen, and architectural designer, Allen Plasencia,  to discuss the team’s vision and concept for the home. In our interview below, Tyrone discusses everything from Plus Design Studio's creative aesthetic, to their favorite details about the home.

This home has been carefully designed and curated by West Hollywood Based Plus Design Studio. It has an excellent location, blocks from Sunset Drive with access to both Hanover & Carolwood Drive. Along the entry court you are presented with an outdoor double sided fireplace and large steel doors that invite you into the great room.

Living room at 270 N. Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills

Through the main entry the visitor is led into the grandest space of the house, the stair hall. This sculptural stair is naturally lit and designed as an experience. The undulating walls and spiral stairs are designed to appear as though they were excavated from a solid mass. The skylight above is intended to read as a light installation, it both frames and filters the sky.

As one transitions into the second floor they are presented with two guest rooms and a 900sf master suite. The material pallet is meant to feel clean and uniform. It is comprised of light colored marbles, cream limestones and French white oak. The kitchen space is open and free flowing it is designed with strong geometries and minimalistic details.

Overall, the house is inspired by natural light and the warm natural materials it is made of, it is meant to both engage & sooth the senses.

Read on for more insight into the inspiration behind 270 N. Carolwood Drive.

The kitchen at 270 N. Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills

Master bathroom at 270 N. Carolwood Drive

MV: What interested you in a collaboration with Mercer Vine? 

PD: What sets Mercer Vine apart from other brokerages is their creative team. We admire how the team is dedicated to elevating the presentation of each home as a showpiece and architectural statement.

MV: How would you describe the design aesthetic that you bring to every property?

PD: We love designing and we love the classics. Natural light, a refined color palette, and materials are our priority. Our mantra is to be understated yet powerful. Simplicity is key.


MV: What was your vision for designing 270 N. Carolwood Drive? 

PD: We reduced the composition to its essentials, especially in the stair hall. We wanted this space to become an experience–something that is felt and evokes emotion, similar to a Turrell or Rothko Painting.

MV: What is your favorite detail of the Carolwood home?

PD: Our favorite details are the composition of the home’s stair hall and skylight above. In addition to the juxtaposition between old and new, the stair hall and skylight are also in dialogue through their material and light.

Sitting area at 270 N. Carolwood Drive in Holmby Hills

MV: What are some design challenges you face when overseeing construction of a home? How do you overcome them? 

PD: This home had a beautiful shell to begin with. However, the layout and general feeling were off. It was challenging to keep the character and original look while reimagining the overall atmosphere. Our vision was to create an open, relaxed layout while still encouraging one to stop and appreciate the materials and light.

MV:  Do you have any upcoming projects you can talk about? 

PD: A favorite amongst all of us is the spectacular Owlwood Estate sited on 10 prime acres in Holmby Hills. This Italian Renaissance landmark is a gateway to unparalleled luxury, transforming itself into a vision of world-class residential development. It is a sanctuary set within a lush verdant landscape featuring a respectful blending of classic interiors with ultra-modern amenity spaces. The Owlwood Estate merges a rich historical past with a performance driven modernity. 

Front exterior of 270 N. Carolwood Drive

Want to Know More About 270 N. Carolwood Drive? 

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