Mercer Vine is pleased to announce its latest listing of the historic Owlwood Estate.

Located at 141 S. Carolwood Drive, Owlwood is easily one of Los Angeles's most iconic and historically significant properties. Listed at $180 million, the Italian Renaissance villa incorporates classic European design along with modern details left by its numerous legendary owners.

Owlwood Estate: The Platinum Triangle’s Most Coveted Trophy Property 

Designed by world-renowned architect Robert D. Farquhar, the home is a triumph of master craftsmanship and artistry. The property’s regal proportions and exceptional materials combined with its intricate moldings, marble fireplaces with hand-carved mantles, elegant crystal chandeliers, and ornate 24-gold carat bath fixtures set this home apart as the most coveted property in L.A.’s Platinum Triangle.

Since the early 2000’s, Owlwood has been vastly expanded beyond its original borders of 141 South Carolwood Drive. After annexing 10060 and 10100 Sunset Boulevards as well as the public street South Carolwood Drive, Owlwood now encompasses an expansive 10.1 acres. Following these purchases, Owlwood was granted a new Holmby Hills address of 10080 Sunset Boulevard. Today, Owlwood endures as a symbol of the city’s rich cultural history as well as its innovative future.

Mercer Vine’s Vision of Owlwood 

In 2016, Mercer Vine represented the buyer in the sale of Owlwood. Today, Owlwood has a new vision.  In collaboration with world-class architects Meyer Davis Studio, KAA Design Group, and development manager PLUS Development, Mercer Vine has developed plans to convert Owlwood into one of the greatest residential estates in the world. Mercer Vine’s innovative vision for Owlwood is aimed at preserving the home’s historic architectural integrity while redesigning it for modern living. Today, Mercer Vine stands at the crossroad between the city’s architectural heritage and its future as the standard-bearer for modern estates in the Platinum Triangle.  

141 S. Carolwood’s History of Legendary Owners 

Throughout its 80-year history, Owlwood has passed through the hands of some of the world’s most distinguished entertainment figures, corporate magnates, dignitaries and more. From Florence Quinn, to Joseph Schenck, to Sonny and Cher, below are some of Owlwood’s most esteemed owners.

Florence and Charles Quinn 

The first residents to live at 141 S. Carolwood Drive were Florence and Charles Quinn. As the widow of Alfred Letts Sr. and the original developer of Holmby Hills, Mrs. Quinn was pivotal in the original vision of Owlwood. An avid traveler, Mrs. Quinn was deeply influenced by the historic designs and stately architecture of Europe. When conceptualizing the overall design for Owlwood, she heavily incorporated European aesthetic and design throughout the home. The property was the largest private residence built in Los Angeles in 1936.

Joseph Drown 

Eight years later in 1944, Texan entrepreneur Joseph Drown purchased 141 S. Carolwood Drive. Drown only lived on the estate for two years before selling to 20th Century Fox founder, Joseph Schenck, and made no major changes to the property during his ownership. After the sale of Carolwood, Drown partnered with renowned architect Burton Schutt to create Hotel Bel Air. The five-star hotel’s richly ornate interior design was greatly reminiscent of Carolwood, which Drown’s contemporaries say was a clear influence.

Joseph Schenck 

During 20th Century Fox Founder Joseph Schenck’s ownership, Carolwood became a regular fixture in Hollywood’s social scene. As a result, Schenck installed a state-of-the-art screening room on the property’s basement level, where he spent his nights playing cards and showing at-home movie screenings with friends and business associates. It was also during this time that Marilyn Monroe frequently visited the estate, even moving into the pool house for a few months.

William Keck 

In 1956, Schenck sold Owlwood to Superior Oil Company founder William Keck. An active philanthropist, Keck frequently used the mansion as a venue for ornate parties and fundraisers. Before selling the home in the 1960s, the oil tycoon left his own marks on the property: an expansive indoor pool and 24-carat gold bath fixtures shaped like oil derricks.

Tony Curtis 

After Keck, Owlwood passed into actor Tony Curtis’s ownership. Curtis purchased the home for his wife, Christine Kaufmann, and their two young daughters. The mansion was considered the largest and grandest estate in Los Angeles as well as a sign of the actor’s success. Six months before Curtis died, he discussed his time at Owlwood: “Just to say Carolwood was mindboggling. It was the grandest house I ever owned.” During Curtis’s time at Owlwood, he threw lavish parties and entertained countless studio heads and famous stars. It was during Curtis’s birthday party in 1967 that the home’s next owner, Cher, fell in love with the mansion and offered to buy it. However, Curtis had no intention to sell the lavish mansion. He instead promised Cher a first-right-of-refusal if he changed his mind in the future. After living in Owlwood for almost 10 years, Curtis was forced to move to London for a film. Sunny and Cher purchased the property from him for $750,000 and became the new owners of Owlwood.

Sonny and Cher 

Under Sonny and Cher’s ownership, Owlwood gained international attention for its exceptional architecture and design. Cher hired young avant-garde designer Ron Wilson to execute the property’s renovation. Under Wilson, most of the home’s furniture and décor was procured from Europe, including two antique French console tables in the Grand Foyer. After the renovation was complete, Architectural Digest featured 141 Carolwood in its June 1974 issue and used the estate’s Morning Room on its front cover. Sonny and Cher faced the best and worst of their marriage in Owlwood, sometimes residing in opposite wings of the estate. After their marriage ended, music industry mogul David Geffen moved in with Cher. During this period, Owlwood was frequented by the industry’s most popular musicians.

Owlwood’s Innovative Future and Legacy 

To find out more about Owlwood, view our property publication entirely on the Owlwood Estate, its legendary owners and our future plans.


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