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We are passionate about working with industry’s very finest when it comes to building, designing, and decorating our homes. Through Mercer Vine’s collaboration with Tag Front’s César Giraldo, we’ve compiled a guide to the top 4 trending luxury home interior decorating ideas this spring.

Meet Tag Front’s Interior Designer César Giraldo

César Giraldo with Ralph Pucci

César is the head of interior design at Tag Front -- a creative firm located in West Hollywood. To César, the essence of architecture and design comes from a meaningful combination of vision, functionality, and design. César’s latest projects include the Franklin Residence, Bel Air Residence, and other projects around the West Hollywood area. Here, César takes us through his spring obsessions for interior design.


"This spring will be dominated by daring colors that provide an opportunity for reinvention."  - César Giraldo


Colors: Go Wild, Deep, & Bold

It’s not only fascinating to see how trends come and go, but to understand the energies that create movement for them. For Spring 2017, there are some very interesting things happening that I believe will soften up our current social climate. People are unquestionably welcoming color into their homes—and even in their clothing; it’s their long-lost friend and they are rekindling their romance. They are being bold, daring, and I believe it will be one way to create a balance with the exterior things that we can't control. Wild, deep and bold colors are in season. They will be incorporated in different ways: on painted walls, curtains, wallpaper and accessories.

My latest project involved designing a private residence, and when I introduced emerald green, my client immediately accepted the suggestion, and that was the beginning of her leap into splashing color everywhere she could; her curtains, throw pillows and furniture. It made her feel confident to select daring colors for her interiors that she normally shied away from. New colors are in a sense an opportunity for reinvention, and what better way to do it than in the private spaces one inhabits. I love the designs of Ralph Pucci. His latest collection is absolutely stunning and reflects the colors that are in high demand this season.


Ralph Pucci LA Showroom
India Mahdavi for Ralph Pucci


Fabrics: Soothing Velvet

Velvet fabrics are in full-force. People are looking for softness in textures, and velvet is not only gorgeous but has a very soothing feeling to it. Therefore, people are looking for opportunities to use the fabric in curtains and furniture pieces with the palate of colors I mentioned.


Materials: Marble & Contrast

The marble craze strongly continues being used, but in other innovative ways--and that’s exciting. The combination of marble with different materials for visual contrast, such as wood, bronze and other natural stones are everywhere. I have always been passionate about marble, and I’m celebrating its appearance on countertops, flooring, walls, accessories and furniture. This material is being used by creators in different fields, from furniture designers to fine artists.


Robert Console Table by (wh)ORE HAüS STUDIOS
Marlon Rectangular Table - Luca Nichetto for De La Espada via The Future Perfect


Furniture: Get Creative with Vintage Pieces

I’m always inspired by European vintage designs, and I frequently look for ways to use them in my projects. I can’t control my excitement when I see contemporary furniture pieces with vintage design elements. I’m thrilled to know that many people are enjoying high quality contemporary pieces inspired by the best designs of the past.

People are looking for furniture pieces that allow them to be playful and create different configurations of their living spaces, especially in the areas of entertainment, like living rooms. There is a lot of enjoyment in the flexibility that these moveable pieces offer, as they create the perfect environment to fit your mood and occasion. Not all of your furniture pieces have to remain in the same spot. They can effortlessly be rearranged to beautify a space and create freshness. Graye LA has a great example of a modular sofa by Piero Lissoni that can can be reconfigured.


Piero Lissoni


Spring 2017’s Interior Decor At-A-Glance

All in all, this spring will be dominated by daring colors that provide an opportunity for reinvention. Marble will be used in creative ways never seen before. Furniture that recognizes the beauty of the past with today’s great quality will be popular. Pieces that are moveable and that beautify spaces and satisfy mood will also prove a major part of Spring 2017


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