population 14,888
med. household income med. income $53,782
med. home value $748,700 $748k

Atwater Village is admired as one of the most serene and picturesque neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It's adjacency to Silverlake and Glendale means that residents are close to gorgeous hikes in Griffith park and luxe shopping districts at The Americana at Brand. The neighborhood's blend of modernity and tradition make it ideal for those who love Los Angeles history.


Walkable, dog-friendly sidewalk in Atwater Village, Los Angeles.


With the east bank of the Los Angeles River as its border, there are not many other Los Angeles neighborhoods quite like Atwater Village. It has long been a desirable place to live, but it has never gotten rid of its real-life, low-key atmosphere. Atwater residents are proud of their local restaurant culture, which mixes old legends with new hotspots, and their neighborhood streets, which are quiet and just the right amount of quirky.

Image of the Atwater Village Theatre sign in Los Angeles.
Natural area of the Los Angeles River.


The heart of the Atwater community can be found in the businesses along Glendale Boulevard, perhaps lining up for a lunchtime sandwich at Proof Bakery or seeing a play at the Atwater Village Theatre. There is no shortage of neighborhood delights in this Eastside area since it's replete with unique shops and restaurants.

Image of the Atwater Village Theatre sign in Los Angeles.
Natural area of the Los Angeles River.
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  • Lifestyle

    Atwater Village is the perfect neighborhood for those who love being outdoors. It has two green space all-stars for neighbors: the sprawling Griffith Park, with museums, walking paths and miles of hiking trails;

    and the Los Angeles River, likely a hotbed for transformation in the coming decades.

Great schools ratings 7
Ivanhoe Elementary School 10/10
Clifford Street Elementary School 9/10


Great schools ratings 7
Ivanhoe Elementary School 10/10
Clifford Street Elementary School 9/10

Atwater Village has a couple of schools in the neighborhood, and many more lay in the communities adjacent. Atwater Avenue Elementary and Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary are the two public schools in the neighborhood and Holy Trinity Elementary is a private school option. Alliance Environmental Science and Technology High School is a charter campus just outside the neighborhoods borders.

  • Real estate

    The real estate market in Atwater Village has experienced slow and steady growth over the past few years. Home values are above $750,000 - up about 3 percent over 2015 and expected to rise about the same amount in 2017. The housing stock mostly consists of single-family homes and bungalows on quiet city streets.

    Though Atwater Village has been a much more competitive market in years past, it's cooled off as neighboring Frogtown [link to neighborhood page] and Glassell Park [link to neighborhood page] have started heating up.



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