Hancock Park

population 143,753
med. household income med. income $66,816
med. home value $1,075,000 $1,075,000

Known as one of the most elegant neighborhoods in West Los Angeles, Hancock Park is home to some of the city’s most eminent figures. The wide, open streets paired with stately homes set on sprawling lots create a timeless aesthetic. It’s proximity to La Brea and the Sunset Strip mean that the neighborhood has access to some of the trendiest venues in the city.


Image of walkable street with shops in Hancock Park, Los Angeles.


Hancock Park was developed in the 1920s and is a Los Angeles neighborhood that is largely affluent featuring architecturally distinctive residences. Adding to some of the exclusiveness of Hancock Park is that the neighborhood is essentially built around the private Wilshire Country Club. The majority of residents are homeowners and are a part of the Hancock Park Homeowners Association.

Image of tree-lined residential street in Hancock Park, Los Angeles.
Image of front of Republique French Restaurant in Hancock Park.


The birth of Hancock Park happened in the 1920s when the Hancock family developed the area with profits earned from oil drilling. As time passed, the community developed organically and is one of the most exclusive and historic luxury real estate communities of Los Angeles. It is also has one of the lowest population densities in Los Angeles. The neighborhood is very compact and tight-knit with many homeowners intent on staying there for a long time.

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  • Lifestyle

    The Hancock Park lifestyle is one unlike any other in Central Los Angeles, where large homes are a focal point and transports one out of the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the central location is ideal to access dining and shopping at The Grove, along Beverly Blvd, and Melrose Ave.

    There is a upscale element to the area, and the convenient balance of city experiences with comfortable living is at the core of living in Hancock Park.

Great Schools Ratings 9
Third Street Elementary 8/10
Stratford School 10/10


Ratings Average 9
Third Street Elementary School 8/10
Stratford School 10/10

Although the neighborhood is rather small, there are a number of schools within Hancock Park or just on the outskirts. Third Street Elementary School is a centrally-located public school in Hancock Park and has a 10/10 API rank. Marlborough High School is also located inside Hancock Park and is a private school that is highly focused on individual attention and learning.

  • Real estate

    The Hancock Park real estate market is one that fluctuates over the course of the year with the summer months yielding much higher sales prices than the winter months.

    Currently, there is a 28% drop in year-over-year in median sales price, making the neighborhood one that is prone to seasonality.


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