Silver Lake

population 30,972
med. household income med. income $54,339
med. home value $986,000 $986

Silver Lake is one of Los Angeles’s trendiest and eclectic neighborhoods. Bordering Echo Park and Hollywood, the community is home to many of the city’s intellectuals and artists. Its reservoir and access to Sunset Boulevard mean that residents rarely drive, as many of Silver Lake’s attractions are highly walkable.


Some of the best coffee shops are located in Silver Lake.


Silver Lake is the name of the neighborhood, but it also evokes a type of lifestyle. It’s one with long walks around the reservoir at sunset, leisurely weekend afternoons spent window shopping, and week days hustling. Silver Lake works hard, plays hard and takes things slow. With a neighborhood this eclectic and beautiful, it would be hard not to. Residents of Silver Lake are engaged in local affairs, active in local schools, and undeniably connected to Los Angeles. FIND AN AGENT

Vintage stores lined the streets in Silver Lake
Silver lake is known for its many colorful store fronts.


Silver Lake’s signature body of water may be considerably less of a lake these days, but it is still the centerpiece of the neighborhood and a popular spot to gather. The dog parks are perennially full of pups and the dirt path that circles the reservoir is popular with runners, walkers and coffee sippers. Follow Silver Lake Boulevard down through a quaint business district, filled with restaurants, bars, specialty shops and live music venues, to Sunset Boulevard. This other main drag in Silver Lake is similarly full of restaurants and cafes and a nightlife destination too. Silver Lake manages to balance old favorites with new, exciting neighborhood landmarks.

Vintage stores lined the streets in Silver Lake
Silver lake is known for its many colorful store fronts.
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  • Lifestyle

    Tell a Silver Lake residents they’re basically the Brooklynites of Los Angeles, and they’ll groan, roll their eyes or — worse — splash a hot single-origin brew in your face. Inside they’re glowing with pride. Most days, Silver Lake feels better than Brooklyn — laid back and at a slightly slower place.

    Enjoying their vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood one small plate at a time, taking in the green hills and the San Gabriel Mountains beyond makes for a sweet Eastside lifestyle.

Great Schools Ratings 6
Ivanhoe Elementary School 10/10
Allesandro Elementary School 7/10


Ratings Average 10
Ivanhoe Elementary School 10/10
Allesandro Elementary School 7/10

Schools in Silver Lake are a mix of public and private elementary schools. Some of the public elementary schools include Ivanhoe Elementary, Micheltorena Elementary, which has an impressive educational garden. John Marshall Senior High is close by, in the hills east of Los Feliz. Smaller private schools are also part of the neighborhood, like ASA Silver Lake and St. Teresa of Avila Elementary.

  • Real estate

    The real estate market in Silver Lake has seen considerable growth over the past five years, and it’s very likely to continue. Home values are up in 2016, more than 10 percent over 2015—making it one of the hottest markets in the city.

    The median home value is just under $1 million, around $900,000. Silver Lake has a good mix of multi-family apartment buildings, some townhomes and new construction, and single-family homes.



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